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Frequently Asked Questions

CAUTION: Ensure that you carefully read through this page first.

1. What is the Covenant University Part Time Website Address?
2. What do I do first on the Part Time Website?
ANSWER: Read carefully the information provided on the Welcome message and the New student pages.
3. What Part-Time Programmes are available?
ANSWER: Visit our programmes page.
4. What are the programme Requirements in Covenant University?
ANSWER: Click here to view our entry and programmes requirements.
5. How much is the School Fees?
ANSWER: Visit our School fee page for more details.
6. How do I make payments?
ANSWER: You can use any of the following payment platforms:

  • WEB PAY: Use your Verve, Master Card
  • CUePay (Pay@Bank): Pay to any of the designated banks and obtain a Receipt Number and PIN Number
  • The designated banks are First City Monument Bank, United Bank of Africa, Guarantee Trust Bank and Covenant University Microfinance Bank
7. Does CU allow payment of school fees in installments?
ANSWER: Yes, Visit our School fee page for more details.
8. Where do I gain access to Part Time Academic Calendar?
ANSWER: Click here to view the Academic Calendar.
9. How do I Start my Application?
  • On the Home Page, Click on “Create an Account
  • Fill the form completely with a valid EMAIL ADDRESS i.e. Gmail (Preferred), Hotmail, Yahoo etc. If you must use your private email address and create a new password (We suggest a new password just in case you encounter a support issue and the support officer needs your password)
  • Login to your email and click on the link sent to you. This will automatically activate your account. You must login to your email address to activate the account created.
  • On the Homepage, Click on “Complete Your Form” box to Login to the admission site with the email and password supplied earlier.
  • You will be requested to pay for form immediately you login.
  • Fill the form and save before you proceed to the next page.
  • After filling the form, you are expected to upload your Passport (Not More Than 100kb)
  • After passport upload, your Application Number would be displayed (COPY IT) and you can now print the completed form.
10. How much is the Form?
ANSWER: The cost of form for those paying online (via ATM) is N6,900; the cost is N6, 600 for those paying through banks
11. Do I need to own an account with the banks?
12. What do I do when the bank teller insists that I own an account before getting the form?
ANSWER: While still in the bank, call our support service line so we can talk to the teller. 08113967462, 08113967481
13. What do I do when most of the banks in my area claim not to know anything about the form?
ANSWER: While still in the bank, call our support service line so we can talk to the teller. 08113967462, 08113967481
14. What Credentials am I expected to provide?


15. Is Awaiting Results allowed?
16. If i need help, where i can i send a request?
ANSWER: Go to and open a ticket
17. Do I require JAMB result to be admitted into Covenant University Part Time Programmes?
18. How long will the CU PART TIME Admission form be on Sale?
ANSWER: Pay attention to timelines
19. When is the date for SCREENING?
ANSWER: You would be informed via SMS and also ensure that you visit the website frequently.
20. Is there an age to limit to those who are allowed to apply to CU Part Time Programme?
21. When does Part Time Lectures hold?
ANSWER: On Friday evenings and Saturdays
22. Can gain access to my lectures, Assignment and Online Quiz (where applicable) during the weekdays?
23. Is Class Attendance necessary?
ANSWER: Yes, 75% attendance is necessary to allow for participation in semester examinations
24. Can have access to my Class Time Table online?
ANSWER: Click Here to see your class time table
25. How do i register my courses and also check my result?
ANSWER: On Part-time Portal
26. Support Lines


  • Intercom: 08171613173, 07066553463, 08115762473 (Ext: 2093, 2154, 2115 and 7348)
  • General Enquiries: 08055848758
  • Technical Support: 08113967462, 08113967481

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